Proven ways to increase funding for your charity

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Whether you are an administrator for a government charity or one in the private sector, funding is always going to be a top priority. If you are tasked with raising funds to keep your charity afloat, you may also be interested in some tips on how to raise those funds you so desperately need. Consider the following:

A Gift for Your Donation

One of the most successful ways of reaching people is by offering a gift for their donation. You have probably seen all those adverts where you get increasingly valuable ‘gifts’ as donations get larger. For £5 you get a keychain but for £25 you will receive a T-shirt or market bag. We have all seen this strategy at work and it is proven to be successful.

However, one thing you might want to consider is using customised gifts that keep on advertising long after your current campaign has ended. Folders displaying your charity’s logo and containing your charity’s info can be quite successful as residual advertising, especially if you use professional services such as those provided by Folder printing. The folders will keep your charity’s name in people’s mind and will explain why you need a constant influx of funds to continue offering services in the future.

Dinners by Donation

If you take a look across the pond at how Americans raise money for their political candidates’ campaigns, you’ll notice that one of the biggest ways of raising money is to sponsor dinners that require a sizeable donation. No, you won’t be charging £10,000 per plate, but you can raise a lot of money for your charity by hosting a dinner by donation.

Depending on the scale of the event, you can either host the dinner at your charity headquarters so that you can have an ‘open house’ or you can book a local banquet hall for the event. Sometimes local restaurants will give you a reduced price per plate as their donation to your cause.

Raffles and Contests with Donated Prizes

Everyone likes a good contest, and raffles fall into that broad category. Whether you sell raffle tickets for that new flat screen television donated by a local merchant, or sponsor a contest for the best Christmas artwork, most of the time you can offer free prizes while raising a great deal of money. Everyone wants to be a winner and so contests and raffles are a sure way to raise funding for your charity.

Finally, one last bit of advice. Don’t forget to set up a social media presence. Your followers will often donate when they see your needs. Not only is this a great way to talk to people about what you do, it is also a way to spread the word to friends of friends of friends. The more visible you are, the easier it is to increase funding for your charity. Use every means at your disposal, but do get the word out that your charity is short of funds. Ask and you shall receive.

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