Simple ways to boost ecommerce customer engagement

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In recent years, online marketing and PR practitioners focus more on user engagement rather than exposure. While exposure and reach are great metrics to track when you’re doing online marketing, the real value of the campaign lies in the number of user responses and engagement you get in return.

The same trend is now seen in many ecommerce businesses. Getting a large number of visitors alone is not enough. It is important to develop customer engagement and deliver superb user experience. Here are the tips you can use to boost your ecommerce customer engagement.

Integrate Social Commerce

Social media must always be a big part of your ecommerce site. Social media is the second biggest source of potential customers – after search engines – and now tapping into that potential would be a big mistake.

So, how can you integrate the social commerce experience with your ecommerce site? You start by making it easy to share products from your site to social media. Adding social sharing buttons alone makes a big difference; customers are more likely to share your products to their peers on Facebook and Twitter when they can do it easily.

Don’t forget to engage customers on social media too. Answer questions, offer special discount as part of your social media strategy, and personalize your message for the audience segment you’re targeting on different social media platforms.

Share Valuable Content

You want visitors to come to your site even when they are not searching for the products and services you offer. The best way to achieve this is by having a blog section filled with articles and other content that the visitors will find valuable.

Content marketing is a powerful online marketing instrument that helps attract a lot of potential customers to your site. Forget about selling products for a second and focus more on delivering value to the targeted audience segment. Write tutorials, share industry insights, and make useful resources available to the audience.

Don’t stop there either. Fine-tune the content to arouse user comments. Add a call to action to persuade visitors to share your articles. More importantly, add a subtle message that directs the attention of visitors to your products; just be very subtle.

Deliver Good User Experience

Part of increasing customer engagement is making adjustments to the user experience. Your ecommerce site must be usable, accessible, and provide meaningful and pleasant interactions at every turn. Setting up an online store is not a one-time deal. Often, small improvements made to the site make a huge difference.

In this respect, working with experts and companies such as is highly beneficial. With years of experience to lean on, you can do so much more with your site when there are specialists assisting you every step of the way. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about technical issues and other challenges now that you have the help of a qualified team.

Boosting customer engagement is not difficult as long as you know how to approach the challenge correctly. The tips we covered in this article should help you get started with making improvement to your site and increasing customer engagement right away.

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