5 Ecommerce Solutions Your Business Needs In 2018

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Ecommerce is always changing because the industry’s always maturing. It’s important to be aware of what’s coming and what you should be working on improving as we approach a new year. You can’t afford to sit back and wait to see what others are doing. Get ahead of the curve and start testing and implementing now. These are solutions that will take your business to the next level and deliver results. You’re taking the right first step by educating yourself and learning about what’s coming. Once you feel confident that you know what changes are coming, it’s time to get to work. 

Omni-Platform & Omni-Device

It’s not enough to be everywhere. The key is going to be integrating platforms so all the accounts can communicate with each other. You’re removing any confusion from the consumer and making their experience consistent and high quality. Searching for an item is no longer a one-time occurrence with this solution. The search stays with the consumer as they participate on other devices and platforms, so you’re more likely to make the sale.

Supplier Portal

Software solutions that improve communications with your supply chain are the way to go next year. Invest in a web based portal like Weaveability that smartens up the entire supply chain. Communication in real-time is more important than ever. Also, this allows you to drive efficiencies for your internal users. You can view historical data, open orders by status, see alerts and notifications and so much more. Let technology help you in making the experience for you and your consumers seamless.

Big Data & Analytics

Ecommerce is no longer a guessing game. You should be looking at and dissecting data and information that’s going to help you deliver a better experience for consumers. Start analyzing real-time and you’ll quickly be able to see where the issues are and rectify them in a matter of minutes to increase sales. You should be looking to track the entire customer journey from start to finish and making sense of it so you can suggest improvements. Find purchase patterns and document demographic details with the purpose of categorizing your users. This will allow you to use better targeting and close more sales.

Increased Mobile Use

Although mobile is around now, it’s going to continue to grow even more. Ecommerce businesses need to be prepared and ready to handle the volume. No longer are people starting the purchase journey at their laptops. The phone is the new computer. You want to focus on mobile because it gives your customer the chance to buy from you anywhere and anytime. You need to have a safe and secure payment system, so consumers are willing to give you their money over their mobile phone. Online shopping from a phone is going to increase and businesses need to answer the call with improved functionality.


It’s always a good idea to look at what’s trending for the upcoming year. It gives you a good idea of where you should be spending your time. Now is the time to take this information and run with it.

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