UK Funding for Afghanistan Families

We are fundraising to help citizens of Afghanistan resettle in the UK

Thank you for your support. At Fundsurfer we have raised over £22m for our clients and projects through crowdfunding and our investor network. We have always looked at how we can help as many people as possible. 

For the past three years, we have been working closely with our Afghan partners to support and fund impact investment projects in Afghanistan. We met and worked with some incredibly brave and dedicated people across the country as we worked on renewable energy projects and education initiatives. 

With the situation on the ground being incredibly difficult we have launched an urgent crowdfunding appeal to help Afghan Families who are fleeing the country and need support. 

Many Afghans worked tirelessly to sustain peace and democracy in Afghanistan or have worked directly with UK and US authorities. For many, their lives will be endangered by the Taliban. 

We are supporting Afghan families to gain safe passage out of Afghanistan. We are working closely with the UK Government, Human Rights Lawyers and other partners to get families processed quickly as possible so they can leave for places of safety. 

These families will be leaving everything they have worked so hard for behind and will have next to nothing so we will support them any way we can. 

We will be supporting charities such as GARAS in Gloucestershire and Aid Box Community in Bristol and our families we are helping directly.  We will also work with similar charities in the UK that will need funding. We will set up an independent funding committee to oversee the allocation of funds is managed and planned. Fundsurfer is not a registered charity however will follow all professional fundraising guidance to ensure deployment of funds is managed correctly. 

Our objective

Raise money to help the families entering the UK  to make sure they have the resources they need to help make them feel safe and comfortable. 

We are aiming to raise £20,000 as the first target and will increase if we hit funding milestones, e.g £50,000, £100,000, £250,000.

The team behind the project

We are a group of UK based professional fundraisers and consultants with experience in working across emerging markets and developing countries.

The situation is incredibly challenging right now, however we are engaging with every channel and route we can to secure support and funding for Afghanistan families who are fleeing for their lives. 

We are working with key agencies in the UK and Afghanistan to make sure the support goes to the right people and organisations. 

Why we are fundraising

We have been incredibly lucky to work with some amazing people in Afghanistan who just want peace and for everyone to have an opportunity to learn, work and live a life without war.

We cannot sit on the sidelines so our team is working around the clock to provide as much help as we can through our international partners and donor network. 

How you can help

Donate and share this project now to help fund families from Afghanistan. 


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