Please help Mia pay for her Hernia operation.

I'm crowdfunding to pay for a perineal hernia operation. I live in the UK & after 4 years suffering with this condition the the health authority in th

Hi, My name is Mia.

I am a transgender woman living in the UK.

Almost 4 years ago the symptoms of a pelvic hernia began while I was working in a cold environment & had a chest infection. Local NHS services in Hull refused to accept me as a patient. They said it was too specialised because Im transgender. I was then put on a waiting list for 2 years at a hospital in London for trans surgeries because it was the only way I could access healthcare even though my condition was not related to being trans. The hospital I was referred to closed down in October 2021. In February 2022 I was seen at another hospital. The consultant had no idea why I'd been sent there. He suggested an operation as a guess to what the problem was. At this point there had been no diagnostic scans carried out by the NHS so there was no accurate diagnosis. In August 2022 the surgeon operated on me cutting my stomach open to carry out a procedure called a sacro-colpopexy. This was not the correct operation & did not solve my painful condition. A year later the surgeon now thought I have a a kind of hernia in my pelvic floor. The surgeon applied for funding to the trans surgery funding board (GDNRSS) to fund me a MRI scan. The funding board rejected it as its not a trans related health condition: any human can have a hernia. The GDNRSS stated that my local health authority - Hull NHS should fund my treatment. Hull NHS urogyneocology refuse to accept me as a patient as they state its too specialised for them & they do not have enough knowledge. So now I'm stuck in limbo, disabled, unable to work & unable to survive on benefit payments. Eventually I will be homeless because I cannot afford my housing cost.

They only way I can possibly have my life back after 4 years of Hell is if I can raise enough money to go private for diagnosis & the operation I need. In the UK the total cost for consultation, scans, travel, surgery & hospital stay for a hernia operation is around £10000. Please donate so that I can pay for the operation I need & can be back on feet & have a worthwhile life again.


Thankyou for taking the time to read through my GoFundMe, please feel free to share with your friends.



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