Streets to Kitchen: Chapter 2!

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We're building on the amazing success of Streets to Kitchen - opening doors for people affected by homelessness in Bristol through cookery and food!

The story so far

Chapter one of Streets to Kitchen kicked off back in 2017, when Better Food were looking for a fundraising project that would change lives through the power of food and cookery - two of our favourite things. We teamed up with Square Food Foundation and St. Mungo's Recovery College Bristol to bring that vision to life: We would raise the funds, Square Food would provide the cooking know-how and St. Mungo's clients would reap the benefits. With the energy and support of our staff, customers and community, we raised more than £10,000, and the first year of Streets to Kitchen got underway...

Chapter 2 begins...

After a year of delivering hands-on cookery courses to clients who have been affected by homelessness, one thing is clear: we can't stop now!

The course has been so much more than just cookery lessons - it's been an opportunity for clients to form friendships and work together, building their confidence not just in the kitchen, but socially too. It's been a way to learn about balanced meals on a budget, pick up skills and qualifications to use in the future, and it's provided a safe environment for clients to escape to for a few hours every week.

It's only now that the full potential of the course is being realised - there's more work to be done with existing clients, more clients coming forward to take part, and more possibilities for the future of the classes than ever imagined.

Our next phase of fundraising - aiming to raise enough to cover at least one term at a time - is vital in making sure that potential is reached.

Don't take our word for it!

Here are just a few testimonials from clients who have been part of the Streets to Kitchen project:

“I like the way we do things together, even clearing up! It’s like a little family and that means a lot to me.”

“I’ve lost all my confidence but I can be in charge of cooking the rice, and it’s a privilege to share my culture with you.”

“I feel better than I did this morning, because I’m here. Being here has improved my headspace”

“My experience at the class has been exemplary, it has benefited me in ways I would not have imagined, self-improvement, team-work, happiness and achievement. I am so very grateful to both the facilitators of the group and to all St. Mungo’s staff for being so welcoming and hospitable with such great sense of humour!”

“Those flapjacks were life-changing!”

You can change lives in Bristol through the incredible power of food and cookery! Help us raise at least £3000 before the end of March 2020 to ensure that the spring term can carry on without interruption, and beyond. Thank you for supporting this exciting chapter of Streets to Kitchen!



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