Deal origination support for investors

Deal Origination is the number one challenge for Family Offices, VC’s and Angel investors.

In a hyper-competitive investment market, there is too much capital chasing too few deals. 

Building new relationships in and around the industry and tracking those relationships has become the central responsibility of deal origination teams.

Deal originators have to keep tabs on companies, family offices, investment banks, and other sponsors, it’s much harder to identify these groups without dedicated people. And most firms also require business development teams to track the interactions using customer relationship management systems, which adds time to the job.

Are you looking to boost your deal origination efforts? Book in a call time with our team to discuss how we can work seamlessly with your internal deal teams to save you time and effort.  

Fundsurfer uses different strategies to source new deals. Our main strategy is to work with our handpicked team of partners and deal sourcing specialists to manage the deal origination process. 

Our fundraising specialists work on a contract basis and are compensated based on their success in generating new leads that go on to close investment. 

We then work with your in-house deal team to help sift through the hundreds of deals you need to review each year.

It’s much more efficient to have an origination team sifting through what’s out there, rather than allowing the deal teams to do the prospecting while they are also doing the heavy lifting of achieving strategic objectives in the portfolio companies as we seek to build shareholder value. They don’t have the bandwidth to be effective in both areas.

Working with Fundsurfer deal origination specialists will support your efforts and help to pre-vet the hundreds of deals you need to review each year.

We connect exceptional clients with the right investors to find the perfect match. 

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