The Ultimate Email Marketing with MailChimp Course


Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels time and time again. It helps you to educate your audience, nurture leads and generate sales.

In this free course you'll learn how to build profitable relationships with your audience and increase conversions.

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What's in the course?

Each lesson will dive deep into different email marketing strategies and the components required to reach your goals.


Lesson 1: Design & Plain Text Best Practices

We'll cover whather you should create visually attractive emails or opt for plain text - something many marketers fret over.

Together we'll figure out how email marketing can help reach your growth objectives and what your emails should look like.

Lesson 2: Copywriting For Email

Learn how to write effective emails that educates and establishes solid relationships with your audience.

You'll learn what to say, the importance of personality in your emals and see other successful emails in action.

Lesson 3: Getting Started With Email Automation

Sending the right emails at the right time is just as important as what you say, and thankfully we have technology that makes this simple.

You'll learn how to build systems to nurture relationships and
generate conversions.

Lesson 4: Optimising Your Emails For Growth

Email marketing doesn't stop at building campaigns and automation systems. You've got to keep improving upon your efforts on an ongoing basis.

In this lesson you'll learn email A/B testing best practices as well as which elements of your emails you should be testing.

Lesson 5: Sending Emails Based On User Action

Email automation isn't as linear as time based events anymore. Sending emails after your users and customers take action can also be effective.

You'll learn how to send emails based on events, such as a user clicking a button or taking action on your site, app or online store to increase performance.

Lesson 6: How To Sell More Using Email

Getting opens, clicks and other top-of-funnel conversions is one thing, but using email to sell is a different game altogether.

This lesson will show you when and how to sell to your list, leveraging upon everything we've learned so far.

Lesson 7: Scaling Up Your Email Marketing

You've leared the elements of email marketing and started small. A time will come when you want to build your list and grow your business further.

We'll wrap the course up by teaching you how to grow your list of subscribers & customers as well as scaling your email marketing system to cater to them.


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