Last week of our fundraiser!

October 2019



Thanks so much for supporting our fundraising appeal for Pride Without Borders!

We are really grateful to the 79 people who have donated (at time of writing). We have not raised all that we need in order to keep the group running, so we will be making plans for further fundraising in the future. 

We will end this appeal on Friday 18th. We are hoping for a few last donations, so kindly forward this on to anyone who you think might be interested to support us. 

Pride Without Borders just keeps growing and developing. Our last meeting was one of our biggest ever - 24 members. Clearly there is a real need for what we offer and we hope we can continue into the future. 

Here is a quick roundup of who we are and how we have grown...

Our meetings have grown from an average of 12 people this time last year to an average of 20 people. We are actively working with 35 members at the moment. We are spectacularly diverse!  We have members from...

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Eritrea, Kurdish Iraq, Albania, Gambia, Senegal and Botswana.

Our staff and volunteers are from...

America, Spain, Egypt, Bristol and Wales

Anecdotally, members regularly tell us that they spend all their time looking forward to our meetings, that we give them hope and that Pride is like a family for them. We provide psychosocial support and an LGBT community and actively talk through our struggles and share strategies for coping. We empower members to provide this help themselves and this has been working really well. 

Members often tell us that this is the first time they have ever spoken openly about their sexual orientation or gender identity. We have fascinating and nuanced conversations about these issues and also help keep our members safe by liaising with police and hate crime services such as SARI. 

We also provide evidence of our members' involvement in our group and we have gone to court and testified in support of cases numerous times, with excellent results. 

Thanks again for your support!



Crowdfunding project

Bristol Pride Without Borders (PWB)

We are a support and community group for LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers that is unique in Bristol.
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