Pride Without Borders Coronavirus update

May 2020


Hi everyone, 

Thanks for supporting Pride Without Borders. 

Coronavirus update:

We are still working to support our community of LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees. Our small team are calling people to offer emotional support and information and check they are safe. We are referring people to food banks and trying to get housing for precarious sofa surfers who face getting kicked out onto the streets. 

We are also holding weekly meetings online over Zoom in order to maintain our community and offer contact and support.

On the plus side, the asylum system has slowed to a crawl and very few negative decisions, removal threats or evictions are happening. There is more availability of housing and destitution supplies than before for some people. On the minus side, members are very isolated and stressed by fears about coronavirus. Racist and homophobic incidents and conflict in crowded shared housing are likely to rise. We still need funds to keep running. 

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