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I'm trying to take my wares to market but need some help. My application to exhibit at Tent London has been accepted, now I have to pay for it...

'Since the earliest days of man's history, he has manifested the desire to decorate the things he uses and the places where he lives.'  - Claude Humbert

I'm an independent, Bristol based wallpaper designer. Yes, wallpaper designer, no there's not many of us around, we are a rare and some might say unusual breed. I design bespoke wall-coverings for your home, offices, bars and restaurants, creative spaces. Basically, if it has got a wall in it I'll cover it!


I have been supported by the Prince's Trust who have been mentoring me to get my business off the ground and I am well into my first year and I'm now looking to grow my business and gain some exposure for my designs. To this end I have applied and (*gulps) had my application accepted to exhibit at Tent London 2016.


'Located in the creative heart of East London, Tent & Super Brands London is a four-day industry event that brings together 450 exhibitors from 29 countries, including; independent designers, established brands, international country pavilions and galleries. As the destination of the annual London Design Festival over 25,000 influential; retailer buyers, architects, interior designers, press, designers and design savvy public attend to see and specify the very latest; furniture, lighting, textiles, materials and conceptual installations from around the world.' - I lifted that from their website as their words are far better than mine.  If you'd like to research Tent London further, here's their website,

This is the perfect platform for me to really launch my wallpaper and show off to the bigwigs in the design world what an independent designer from Bristol, UK has to offer! Unfortunately with floor space being charged by the square metre these shows don't come cheap... This is where I am asking for help, can you help me get to Tent London please?

This is your chance to become a Patron to the Arts!


I'm looking for financial help to pay for the stand as well as the costs incurred as part of exhibiting, which will include printing lengths of wallpaper and samples, building a show stopping display to catch the attention of the visitors, promotional material to give to prospective clients and producing catalogues of my designs.



* 'Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors.' - Wikipedia


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This project ended on 3 April 2016

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£5 – Patron to the arts

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The tile of, 'Patron of the Arts' AND an Anna Hill Wallpaper greeting card for you to send to your nearest and dearest.

You will of course also have my thanks and gratitude.

£10 – Because everyone loves post.

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Because everyone loves post especially when it has a hand written address on the envelop and/or isn't a bill. With a selection of 3 Anna Hill Wallpaper greeting cards you can send one to your mum, your granny and your secret crush.

My sincere gratitude and probably a little hand written note of thanks!

£15 – Totes-amazing Tote Bag

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No one needs pay for a boring plastic bag any more! I have 5 different designs, one could be yours!

An Anna Hill design, hand screen printed onto 100% organic cotton, Earth Positive tote bag.

Earth Positive products are organic and ethically made, but crucially, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

My heartfelt thanks.

£20 – One stylish, super limited edition Tee!

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An Anna Hill screen printed T-shirt. These will be specially printed only for 'Patrons' of Anna Hill Wallpaper. Meaning you'll have a unique and stylish tee to get about in knowing that these won't be available for just any Tom, Dick or Harry.

5 designs to choose from and you can pick your t-shirt colour.

Every time you wear it you'll be reminded of my gratitude and thanks for your support.

£20 – Frame it!

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An A4 Giclee Print of your favourite Anna Hill Wallpaper design, signed by the designer.

This is an investment for the future. Imagine if you had a signed print by William Morris, how much would that be worth!

Pop it in a frame and hang it on your wall and be reminded of how much you helped an independent designer achieve her goals with just a little gesture.

My thanks of course

£25 – Hang it.

10 people want this

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An A3 Giclee Anna Hill Wallpaper Print, your choice!

I will of course sign it and include a personal message to you or your choice of recipient, which I'm sure will not only increase its value exponentially, it will also make it a great gift for someone you want to impress ;)

My heart will be filled with thanks and gratitude for you, for helping me achieve my dream.

£50 – It's an investment

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A set of 4 greeting cards and an A2 Giclee print of your favourite AHW design. Signed by the artist & a secret message to you or your nearest & dearest.
It will become talking piece in your home! When Anna Hill Wallpaper is a household name you can boast to own an original, signed print of hers and tell of how you helped her achieved her dreams. Because you will have. Thank you so much.

£120 – A Bounteous Bundle of Booty

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So many goodies to include in this one!

A t-shirt, an A4 Giclee print, an A2 poster, a tote bag AND a set of 6 greeting cards! And of course you can take pride in knowing you are a, 'Patron of the Arts' and that you have helped this designer get one step closer to her destination.

I'll throw in a surprise treat for you too!

My very sincere gratitude and thanks.

£500 – Anna Hill Wallpaper in your home!

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An Anna Hill Wallpaper panel, these are 1m x 3m drops designed to be trimmed top and or bottom to fit your wall heights. Choose from my collection of designs and pick your own colour ways.

I'll even throw in a t-shirt and a signed print!

I can't begin to express how utterly grateful I would be, this would be an enormous help to me. My eternal thanks.

£1,500 – I'll cover your wall!

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Up to 12 square meters of a bespoke Anna Hill Wallpaper. I'll create your very own wallpaper, guaranteed not be be owned by anyone else.
I'll throw in some surprise goodies for you too!

For such a generous contribution I don't know that I could offer you enough of a reward. I would be so utterly and truly grateful! I think I'd even consider getting your name tattooed! Thank you so very much. x

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