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Anna Hill

Wallpaper designer and enthusiast.  Bird lover, nature admirer and doter of interiors.

Bristol has been my home for the past 6 years (ish) and I love it.  Bristol has such a wonderful creative scene and is the perfect place for  my business and I to flourish.  I'm determind to set up my business here,  I dabbled with living in London but Bristol is where my heart is.

I love wallpaper, it is my obession.  I don't remember deciding to become, a wallpaper designer it just happened but I continue to persue it as I honestly can't imagine not doing it!

I studied Surface Design at Bath Spa University where my love of print and pattern thrived.  It is also where I was introduced to cider and the West Country and my love therefore of each.  Originally from Norfolk, hills are still a novelty to me 12 years later.  

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