Bowden Pillars Future

Bowden Pillars farm will be a fantastic asset for the people of Totnes, who will be able to walk out of the town and straight into this stunning landscape.

Bowden Pillars Farm will serve for the local community and transform it  to a beacon for regenerative agriculture, create an oasis for nature, plant a community forest, and to open up access to the farm, which is on Totnes’s doorstep.

Bowden Pillars Farm is a special place, because of its location and the character and quality of the land - most of its hedges and woods remain intact, and its fields are small. The farmland reaches all the way down to the southern edge of Totnes, and the farmyard is just over a mile from the station, as the crow flies. The two main areas of land are either side of Bowden House Community towards Ashprington and Totnes. The farm is just under 200 acres.

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