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Equity Investment

Fundsurfer can introduce you to the funding partners you need, including leading VC funds, Family Offices, Commercial Lenders and Angel Investors to provide debt and equity funding for your company.

We've helped more than 300 entrepreneurs grow their business or launch a project. 

We are always looking for ambitious founders and companies who are ready to startup or scale up.  We know first hand how difficult and time-consuming fundraising can be.  

More than just a fintech platform: why working with Fundsurfer matters. 

For all of our clients, we provide benefits that go beyond fundraising, with access to a number of benefits for your startup or scale up.

We have built a crowdfunding and investment platform that helps you present your company to a wide network of investors, looking for the next big thing. 

From seed funding to series A-E we are able to introduce you to the key funding partners that you need to take your business to the next stage. 

Increase your chances of success

Being successful with a funding round requires a well-crafted pitch, determination to succeed, expert support and a real understanding of what your business needs. We provide you with a package of support which will help you unlock the investment you need. 

Fundsurfer has a global investor network

  • We will introduce and facilitate meetings between you and High Net Worth (HNW) investors, Angels, VC's and family offices,

  • Assist in managing the relationship with investors on your behalf

  • Introduce commercial or strategic partnerships that will benefit your business

Are you ready to start fundraising? 

If you are interested in becoming a Fundsurfer client please contact us to discuss your funding options. 


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