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Do you need help to raise funding for a utility scale renewable energy project?

Fundsurfer works with the biggest renewable energy companies and impact investors around the world who are focused on providing debt and equity finance and tech for clean and renewable energy projects. Our network of investors includes VC funds, impact investors, Government-backed funding programs, Angel Consortiums, Family Offices, trusts and UHNWI. 

We are focused on disruptive technologies, with a focus on addressing climate change. Our clients include bleeding-edge technology companies and developers building out renewable energy infrastructure and community-scale projects. 

Fundsurfer is dedicated to connecting green Investment into projects and companies around the world. There has never been a more pressing need to keep moving forward with new and innovative ways for companies and countries to collaborate and work together, to support the acceleration of renewable energy projects around the world. 

Fundsurfer & Trillion - connecting projects with investors

Fundsurfer provides access to a number of diversified, high impact, fixed-income debt and equity funding opportunities, with vetted portfolios comprised predominately of emerging market solar investments.

How do we work? 

Fundsurfer pre-vets both solar deal flow and investors, offering access to solar funding from a blend of accredited private & institutional debt and equity funders, we work with their internal deal teams to provide them with access to Solar Investments. Fundsurfer network of global investors in Solar, and Wind have a clear understanding of the challenges and complexity of financing large scale emerging market projects. We work with the worlds leading impact and ESG focused investors.

• So far, our core partners have invested over $2bn into Solar projects globally. • We can provide blended debt and equity options.

Investors - to find out more about the Solar investment opportunities we have access to - see below for contact details.

• If you're an institutional or accredited individual investor, contact us at and we will get in touch to discuss what projects are available for investment.

Sample Projects we are working on currently

$460m Sub Saharan African Solar Fields (400mw - 2 x 100mw, 4 x 50mw)

$200m Sub Saharan African Solar Fields (220mw - 1 x 20mw, 4 x 50mw)

$125m N American Solar Project 

What we do

Alongside the Fundsurfer fintech platform. Fundsurfer operates as an introducer for off-market private investments for single/multi-family offices and investor groups. We have a sophisticated network of brokers, introducers, scouts and partners in the UK, Hong Kong, Europe and the US. Deals often involve Co-GP & LP Capital + Private & Direct Equity for Real Estate, Technology, Media & Entertainment sectors. Alongside this, we provide deal origination and sourcing services for our investor clients when in need, through working on direct briefs and mandates. 

What we do with Solar

Fundsurfer recently launched Trillion, our dedicated impact and ESG investment team and division, focused on providing large scale debt & equity financing for cities and countries in both developed and emerging/frontier markets. We work closely with some of the worlds leading debt and equity fund investors to secure capital for solar energy projects.

Who we are

Our solar & wind teams and partners are made up of industry experts in financing solar projects in Developed and Emerging Markets. We want to help support the continuing growth of solar  and our focus is on helping provide an alternative to fossil fuel-derived energy. We have built a strong international network and eco-system of investors, operators, financiers, ministers, mayors, cities and countries to fully make use of our knowledge and expertise in providing funding and capital solutions.

Our investors are all interested in reviewing strong investment opportunities and we provide a dedicated deal origination service to them directly.

Why work with Fundsurfer?

It can be a real challenge to find and secure either deal flow or investors for solar, especially when operating in different countries around the world with different sets of issues that have to be overcome. Fundsurfer, along with our core investment partners and expert advisors provide access to both the capital and industry expertise needed to scale up Solar projects. We help to manage the relationship and communications between investors seeking investment opportunities and the cities and countries in emerging markets that are looking for funding.

There is still a lot of work to do, to unlock fully scalable funding options for renewable energy, however, we have built out the relationships and knowledge required to access both private and institutional investor groups who can deploy the capital needed in a sustainable way, which can fundamentally change the outlook for a city or country looking to Solar & Wind for their energy needs.

Who we work with

Within the Fundsurfer network, we have over 2000+ investors including HNWI Angels, VC’s, UHWNI, Private/Direct Equity Funds, dedicated Impact and ESG Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Credit lenders, Institutional Investors, Investment Banks and other niche and specialist funding & investor groups. Within Renewable energy, we work with some of the largest and most respected global Solar and Wind investors, expert developer-financiers and international development finance partners.

We are looking for commercial, industrial, residential and mini-grid solar projects.

Where we work

Our focus is mainly on countries in emerging markets in areas that do not have access to electricity that is consistent and reliable. 

Our Fundsurfer and Trillion teams and partners are based in London, LA, HK, NY, S Africa, and Berlin.

To discuss a specific project please call Oliver Mochizuki on +44 07766 012365 or email


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