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"Until I met the Fundsurfer team I'd never really thought about crowdfunding, but they made it accessible and supported me every step of the way. With their help, I realised the power and potential of mobilising the support of others to get my publishing project off the ground. I would highly recommend their service to anyone exploring this option- and have been telling everyone who'll listen ever since!"

 Amy Morse, author of Solomons Secrets

"It's not just the chance to tap into local crowd funding sources that makes Bristol's Fundsurfer such an attractive organisation to work with; it's the enthusiasm, commitment and dynamism of its principals, Oliver Mochizuki and Derek Ahmedzai that turns fund raising into "fun" raising. Their platform is simple and easy to use and even though I went to them knowing nothing about the process they were happy to help me through every stage so that I was able to turn the vision into reality"

Steve Timmins, TV/Film Producer for Protect our NHS

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