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Use our reward, donation, and community share crowdfunding tools to raise funds for your project or company

  • over £1.6m raised
  • over 200 successful projects

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Offline fundraising

If you are raising equity investment or debt finance we can make introductions to our investor network

  • over £27m raised
  • 1000s of calls, meetings & term sheets

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Deal origination

Investors can access our pre-vetted deal flow featuring exceptional companies raising Series A-F rounds.

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Featured grants and funds

Reach Fund

The Reach Fund is for charities and social enterprises located in England that need help providing the information that an investor needs.

  • Grant
  • £5k to £15k

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Thrive Together Fund

Small and medium sized charities and social enterprises based in and delivering impact in England, who are looking to grow or diversify their business models.

  • Mixed Grant & Loan
  • £25k - £150k (25% grant)

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Flexible finance grants & loans

For Black and Racially Minoritised charities and social enterprises based in England who are improving people’s lives, or the environment they live in.

  • Mixed Grant & Loan
  • £50k - £1.5m (up to 50% grant)

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Over £29m raised using our online and offline fundraising services

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€34,075,918 EUR

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What our users are saying

Justin Devereux, Sleep Pod

    From the reporting and the functionality we always feel in control. We can update our campaign whenever we like - if we hit milestones or achieve goals our supporters want to know so we can tell them.

    Justin Devereux, Sleep Pod

Liam Hughes, 7x7

    I ran a crowdfunding campaign for my first feature length film and we raised a good portion of our budget on the platform. We also generated interest in the film that we're benefiting from now that it has been released. Overall we had a great experience using Fundsurfer!

    Liam Hughes, 7x7

Amy Morse, Solomon's Secrets

    It was having that extra bit of support that really boosted my campaign and also my platform as a writer, it was less about the money and more about my personal story and journey as a writer. I’ve since crowdfunded again with Fundsurfer for a literary festival!

    Amy Morse, Solomon's Secrets

Robin Halpenny, Bearritos

    Fundsurfer were a great partner in getting us set up, first of all they were able to tell us what funding options would suit our business and when we chose crowdfunding they showed us how to run a successful campaign.

    Robin Halpenny, Bearritos

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