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Crowdfunding for creative
and social projects

What is Fundsurfer?

Fundsurfer is a new and easy to use crowdfunding platform. We’re here to help you raise money for your personal, social and creative projects.

What is crowdfunding?

It's raising money from people you know, and people you don't! Small amounts of money from your friends, their friends (and complete strangers!) soon adds up.

What are rewards?

This is what you get for donating your money. It could be a tshirt, a ticket to an event, a CD, DVD, or even your name on a plaque!

What kind of things can I fund?

Fundsurfer is for films, games, music, buildings, art, theatre, enterprise, the environment, politics, science, social projects… and lots more.

Pledge now, pay later!

If you don't reach your funding target, then nobody pays. Your pledge is a promise to back a successful project, so you only pay when the project succeeds!

UK projects, global cash

You can pledge from anywhere in the world, in over 100 currencies! Got a UK bank account? Then you can start a project.

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