Pricing & fees


Fees for crowdfunding


5% plus card fees

  • Help creating your project
  • Mid-campaign review
  • Promoted through social media
  • Email support

There are no up-front costs. It’s free to sign up and to create a project.

Our fees are only taken from a project’s funding total when it is successfully funded and your backers have made payment, and are a percentage of the total amount collected.

For a successful all or nothing project, or a take what you raise project we take our fees when we make a payout at the end of the project. For open ended projects, we take our fees when we make a monthly payout.

You receive the rest, minus any credit card payment fees.

We use Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe charge 1.40% + 20p for all European cards and 2.90% + 20p for all non-European cards.

We charge an additional £10.00 processing fee for any crowdfunding donations made by cheque or bank transfer.

Older projects may use Paypal. Paypal charge 3.4% + 20p per transaction.

Where Bitcoin is enabled, we charge a flat 5% fee For Bitcoin transactions.

Please keep these fees in mind when deciding how much to raise.


You should consider all of your costs when setting your budget:

  • costs of materials and production
  • staff costs
  • marketing costs
  • taxes
  • our fees (5% or 10%)
  • credit card payment fees (2.5 – 3% approx)

For example, if you need £10,000 for your project (at 5%), then to make sure you cover your costs and have enough left over, you should look to raise £10,800 (about 108%).

You might have to pay tax on the funds that you raise - please check with your accountant if you are not sure.

Fundsurfer fees for all funding options

There are no application fees for the majority of our funding options. For equity, debt and commercial finance we charge an introducer fee, which can range from 1% - 10%.

Whatever funding you need, we can help provide the solution.