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Reward and donation crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is just raising money online - but by asking a large number of people to individually put in small amounts of money you can raise a LOT of money in total. It has changed the way that we fund our communities, projects and companies.

Reward crowdfunding is when you give a reward in return for your pledge. Raising money for a book, film or music project? You might offer a t-shirt, a ticket for an event, a DVD or CD - its up to you.

Donation crowdfunding is when people pledge gifts of money without expecting anything in return. Perfect for charities, non-profits and community groups.

Crowdfunding with Fundsurfer

Crowdfunding is not rocket science, it’s all about executing a well prepared campaign.

Fundsurfer provides a supported crowdfunding service where we can help you succeed.


Free Funding Consultation

Discuss your funding options with a Fundsurfer expert

Pre-launch Planning

Get a free crowdfunding schedule, email templates, and our how-to guides

Flexible Crowdfunding

All or nothing, take what you raise and open-ended

Support at every stage

Email and phone support when you need it

Dedicated crowdfunding coach

Get hints & tips and keep on top of your campaign

Social media marketing (add-on)

Increase engagement, donations and interaction with your campaign

Fundsurfer Marketplace

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Post crowdfunding support

Access to additional funding options including equity, debt and sponsorship

Crowdfunding is perfect for any kind of project

If you are a business, charity, community group or a hobby project we can help


We’ve helped hundreds of projects like yours to achieve their goals

Here are a few great examples of social, creative and business crowdfunding successes

Crowdfunding project

St George's Bristol Crowdfund

A final call to be part of our Building a Sound Future Appeal, completing the transformation of St George's Bristol into a world class concert hall.
Location: Bristol

Funding successful

£140,542 raised

Crowdfunding project

Aid Box Convoy - vital supplies to refugee camps in France

We're a group of volunteers from Bristol collecting, delivering and distributing much needed AID BOXES to refugees camps in France on an ongoing basis
Location: Bristol

Funding successful

£52,686 raised

Crowdfunding project

Support our debut feature film -- 7x7!

7x7 is a Noir-Thriller set in the booming tech start-up culture of San Francisco. It is the debut feature of director Liam Hughes.
Location: Beverly Hills, United States

Funding successful

$50,109 raised

Crowdfunding project

Bristol's First Cat Cafe

A cat cafe is just like a normal cafe, with one difference – it's full of cats!
Location: Bristol

Funding successful

£20,786 raised


How does crowdfunding actually work?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money online while also building support and momentum for your project or company.

By reaching a large number of people individually who put in small amounts of money you can raise the money you need.

It has changed the way that we fund our communities, projects and companies.

  • Accept donations from credit cards and Paypal in over a hundred currencies
  • Accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Litecoin and many more - coming soon


We understand crowdfunding

And we make it simple and flexible:

  • Set a minimum funding target if you need one
  • Set a deadline if you need one
  • Extend your timeline or reduce your target if you need to

We'll help you crowdfund your way to success by providing you with the support you need be successful.


Transparent fee structure

Our fees are transparent and easy to understand. For full details see our crowdfunding pricing

DIY crowdfunding

5% plus card fees

  • Help creating your project
  • Mid-campaign review
  • Promoted through social media
  • Email support

Full service

10% plus card fees

  • Help creating your project
  • Help managing your project
  • Mid-campaign review
  • Featured in our newsletter
  • Featured on the homepage
  • Promoted through social media
  • Promoted on crowdfunding portals
  • Write & distribute a press release
  • Email and phone support

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