Crowdfund your game at Fundsurfer

Fundsurfer ❤ games!

Fundsurfer is a UK based funding platform for creative and social projects. 

We have 3 fundraising models:

  • all-or-nothing crowdfunding (you only get the money if you reach your target)
  • take-what-you-raise crowdfunding (where you get all the money that's pledged)
  • open-ended (like Patreon, you get paid each month)

Which model you use depends on your project. If you have fixed costs (license fees, need to buy materials), then go with all or nothing. If you can do something positive with whatever you raise, go with take what you raise or open-endedinstead.

We’re all about helping your project succeed - with fundraising help, support and advice, and we’ve even got a load of partners who can help you fulfil your rewards at a discount (video production, t-shirt printing, flyer/poster printing, etc).

At Fundsurfer we love games. If you need funding for your game, come along to Fundsurfer and start a project. 

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