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These days, sponsors want to do a lot more than just throw a banner up at an event or advertise on a bus stop or billboard. 

They want interesting and innovative ways to connect and communicate with people. They want to provide experiences that link them more strongly to their customers. Sponsorship can be used to develop and enhance the connection that the brand has with us. 

At Fundsurfer we understand that for many of our clients the idea of selling sponsorship to big brands is very time consuming and not something they can dedicate resources to. 

We pride ourselves in funding innovation and this funding options is a perfect example of this. We have secured partnerships with some of the top brand and event sponsorship agencies in the UK and now you can reach them through our platform.

How does it work?

Complete the form below, upload your sponsorship deck and tell us a little about yourself. 

Please make sure sponsorship deck has:

  • Company/ Organisation/ Event overview. 
  • Demographic information
  • Sponsorship packages available
  • Cost for different tiers of sponsorship.
  • Call to action.

Fundsurfer will review all decks provided and if you meet our criteria we will contact you directly to discuss further. 


Submit your deck

Upload your presentation deck (PDF or Powerpoint) and we'll get in touch if there are any suitable opportunities.

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