19 Psychological Tactics for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns


This great article at ConversionXL has some great ways to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is successful.

  1. Choose an All-or-Nothing Model
  2. Include a Breakdown of Donation Spending
  3. Describe Your Education and Past Successes
  4. Donate to Other Crowdfunding Projects
  5. Look into the Video Camera
  6. Use Second-Person Narratives
  7. Reference an Inexpensive Hedonic Product
  8. Disclose Personal Information
  9. Publicize the Names of Potential Donors
  10. Publicize the Names of Actual Donors
  11. Give Rewards That Are Tangible and Practical
  12. Incorporate Many (Fun) Reward Tiers
  13. Add New Rewards in the Final Stages
  14. Share It With Your Personal Network
  15. Offer the Lowest Possible Donation
  16. Choose a Shorter Project Duration
  17. Give Free Rewards at Various Funding Levels
  18. Provide Reminders Throughout the Project
  19. Target Donors Who Can Empathize

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