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Every crowdfunding campaign can benefit from a great video to tell its story. Let us help you make your project stand out with one of our professionally made videos.

Digital Medium provides creative video solutions to help businesses, organisations and individuals communicate to their audience through Video and Animation. We provide a full solution covering all areas of online video marketing, documentation and production. Combining video, animation and motion graphics we create unique and interesting pieces of work that hook audiences and engage viewers whilst also imparting essential content and information.

Crowd Funding Video - £300


Duration 1.30 minutes Interview/voice over led
Half day on site filming
Shot at the project HQ or relevant location of your choice.
Shoot B-roll/content to fit interview/voice over.
Simple Title Graphics, Lower Thirds, name tags etc
Royalty Free Music Track
Half a day of Editing
Delivered Online to YouTube or Vimeo

The Process:
We’ll send you a short list of questions that will help us ascertain the nature of your project and how you want your video to represent the necessary content that will go into delivering your message. From here we’ll setup a short meeting where we can go over any details of your project and fully get to know what its unique factors are, we’ll then advise you on the best format and content to actively engage your audience.

We would expect most videos to be interview led - using the interview as a basis to cut away from to footage that provides visual reinforcement to statements made in the interview. Sometimes clients can find the interview process relatively daunting and this can lead to freeze ups or an end result that feels stiff or forced. To alleviate this we will conduct the interview in a relatively informal manner - think of it as a chat about your idea, its inception and how you plan to bring it to fruition. If you have a physical product we’ll arrange a time to gather b-roll of this and any other relevant footage that would help support the voiceover or provide further transparency to the nature of the project.

Alternatively we can start with a paper-based interview and use this to build a script from - this is sometimes more desirable for clients as it can be easier to learn and recite a prewritten statement than answer questions on the spot, how we conduct the interview is entirely up to you and whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Once we have all of the footage we will edit it into a 1.30s video including any necessary graphics and titling information. A professional sound mix will be applied to the end film plus music if desired. We can deliver your end video directly onto your chosen hosting platform (YouTube, Vimeo etc) saving you time uploading it yourself, we will upload the file as an ‘unlisted’ video which will be hidden from public view. You then just update the videos information and set it to ‘Public’ when your ready to release the video.We can also advise on how best to promote your video, the best channels to use to drive viewers to it and help with integrating it into your website or other online platforms.

If you have a project that needs better explaining or additional promotion then we’d love to hear from you, please give Henry a call on 07811 269737

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