Orbit Enterprises - Sally Philip


Digital and Scale up specialist

Sally has been through the process of growing a business herself so she really knows the pain points and challenges that small teams wanting to expand and grow out their business fast, will experience. She will help guide and navigate you through the process, hold you honest to your goals and ambitions with a no fuss, no fluff approach. You want results, she wants to help you achieve them  - in a cost effective and tangible manner with proper outcomes that you can hang your hat on and share with your investors. 
As you surf the wave of  significant changes; be they to team and culture, processes, business models and strategies or re-focusing on your target audience, a changing marketplace or your products and services, she can get straight to the core blockers and gaps and assist in getting a plan and roadmap in place to tactically and effectively move forward. 

Sally underpins everything with a deep understanding of keeping the customer at at the heart of every digital business. She will challenge you and keep you honest to your objectives, strategies and drive solid outcomes to ensure that you are keeping both momentum and success as you pursue your goal. 
With a background in project and business management and having held roles on the board of 2 businesses (40M- 80M), she has a wealth of cross sector experience that can aid you in getting to the core of how to grow your business, where to invest time, effort and cash as you grow, and how to navigate the different challenges that every CEO and founding team will encounter as they scale their business.
Sally also works as a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor and as an business advisor to a handful of Start-ups across fintech, social networks and law/gov and health tech.

She has a package based approach to enable quick steps forward at affordable prices. 1, 3 day starter packages are available scaling to 3 week or monthly retainer packages.

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