Sarah Cook Social Media Strategist


Sarah Cook is a successful Social Media Strategist and Small Business Mentor. She inspires small businesses to present themselves with the passion, pride and confident presence needed to create engagement. She helps transform connections into brand champions thus accelerating business growth. At the heart of her business is innovation, personality and authenticity, she helps business owners get clear, get strategic and build relationships, creating local, national and international success.

This exclusive, comprehensive strategy day focuses on your priority areas, effectively tackling all social media strategy, sequences, skills and engagement. In one day you will create an individual, exciting, compelling social media presence that repeatedly engages and captivates your business audience.
Together we look at what you are trying to achieve with your social media activities and align them with your overarching business goals. We will identify which platforms will most reward your concentrated efforts and discover innovative ways to improve your business visibility and client reach. We will address your challenges and create a clear, consistent approach that is easily applied and gets the results you want for your business.

Social Media workshops individually designed to get better results from the time you put into your online activities. Learn new skills, get expert insight, improve your understanding, develop a fresh approach, and create action points that can be implemented straight away in your business.

A 121 bespoke two hour session, completely made to fit you and your business needs. Our session could include the following platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn as well as social media managing tools & email marketing.

Get expert insight into your social media activities and how you can innovate, create, manage and implement your way to greater brand awareness and client engagement.

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