Crowdfunding FAQs

Do you want to start a project, or fund a project?

Starting a project

Who can start a Fundsurfer project?
Anyone can create a project. We will ask to see proof of identity (passport or driving license) before approving your project.

I’m not based in the UK. Can I start a Fundsurfer project?
Yes, we support projects from all around the world. Email us at to find out more.

What details do I need to provide?
Every project needs a title, a short introduction, the full details, a funding target, a start date and an end date. 
We need your full contact details including name, address and payment details before your project can go live.

What happens when the end date is reached?
If the funding target is met, all pledges will be processed and we will collect payment from your backers' credit cards.
We will transfer the funds to you within 7 working days of the project finishing.
If the funding target is not met, then all of the pledges are cancelled. We encourage you to try again!

When do I get paid?
For all or nothing and take what you raise projects, we will transfer the funds to you within 7 working days of the project finishing. 
For open ended projects we calculate the amount to be paid at the end of the month, and transfer the funds within 7 working days.

Are rewards essential?
No, but we really do recommend offering some rewards to boost participation.
You should aim to have a range of rewards. Our research shows that popular price points are £25 and £100.

How long does approval take?
It may take up to a 24 hours to approve your project, and we may need to get intouch by email or phone to discuss your project with you first.

Can I amend my funding target once the project has launched?
In certain cases you may be able to complete the project with a smaller budget - for example you may find a cheaper supplier for your project or rewards. In that case, talk to us about reducing your funding target.We recommend that you budget properly and set an achievable target to start with though.

Can a target date be altered once the project has launched?
In general, once launched you cannot change the project dates. In certain circumstances though, we may, at our discretion, extend the target date by a few days. For example if you have reached 95% with a few days to go.

Can a project be modified once it's live?
Yes, the project images, video, introduction and details may be altered after the project has been launched.
You can post project updates any time after the project has been launched.

Can projects be amended after funding is met?
No, but you can post project updates at any time, even after funding has been completed.

Can I run more than one project at a time?
Crowdfunding takes a lot of time and effort, and running multiple projects distract investors and restrict your creativity.
We believe focusing on one project will increase the chance of success and have a bigger impact.

Is it possible to split funding for my project into several projects for each stage?
Yes, but each stage of the project should be as self contained as possible. Investors may not want to contribute to the same project more than once.
There may also be issues with offering rewards that can only be received at the end of the final project. If you feel that you can navigate these issues then we support your ambition. It is definitely possible for this approach to be effective.

Can I present more than one project for review at one time?
Yes, you can create multiple projects, but as mentioned above, we recommend that you only run one live project at a time.

Can I delete a project?
Yes, but only if it has not been launched. You cannot delete a project after it has been launched.
For transparency, projects will remain accessible on Fundsurfer even if funding is not reached or funding is stopped.

If I delete my account will my project be deleted?
No, we will preserve the project for transparency.

If funding is not attained can I try again?
Yes, you can relaunch the same project, or try again with a new one.

How much does Fundsurfer charge?
We charge 5%, and payment fees are 1.4% (plus £0.20 per transaction). See our pricing page for more details.

I want to find examples of successful Fundsurfer projects
Browse our projects page to get some inspiration.

How old do I have to be to get started?
You must be at least 16 years old to start a project. We want to let younger people get involved too, but for now your parent or guardian will need to sign up and manage the account.

Funding a project

How can I fund a project?
Click the pledge button on the project page and enter your credit card details.

Can I use Paypal?
You can only use Paypal when supporting open ended crowdfunding projects.

When will I be charged?
If it is an all-or-nothing project then you will only be charged if the project reaches its target before the end date. Once that happens, we will charge your credit card for the amount you pledged.
If it is a flexible project then we will charge your card at the end of the funding period.
If it is an open ended project then you will be charged immediately.
When pledging, please make sure that your card won't expire before the end of the project.