Crowdfunding schedule

Before you start crowdfunding

There are lots of things to sort out before you even create your crowdfunding page

  • Make a list of potential supporters and backers - you can't succeed at crowdfunding without a crowd
  • Make a list of potential websites, blogs and other press/media that might write about your project
  • Research similar successful and failed crowdfunds - see what worked and what didn't
  • Make a commitment to spending time on this every day until the project is over
  • Grow (or start building) an email list - and make sure that everyone on the list has opted in
  • Grow (or start building) your audiences on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • If there are blogs, forums or groups related to your project niche, join them and start talking about your project
  • Make a pledge on some other crowdfunding projects to see how it works


Planning and list-building. This stage will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Find out the average raised for similar projects
  • Put together a team - teams are always more successful at crowdfunding
  • Recruit crowdfunding mentors and coaches - these can be people you know that have run a successful campaign or a paid service
  • Recruit a crowdfunding agency to help you plan your campaign
  • Recruit a PR agency to help you get the word out
  • Recruit an ad partner to help market and advertise your campaign
  • Contact everyone in your supporter lists and send them an overview of what you want to do
  • Create your crowdfunding page
  • Create a crowdfunding video
  • Create images/photos and any other creative media for your campaign

Feedback and improvement

This stage will take another 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Send your project to everyone in your supporter list to ask for feedback
  • Make changes to your page based on feedback
  • Refine your rewards based on feedback

Running your campaign

We recommend a funding period of 4 weeks maximum.

If you've done your preparation then this will be plenty of time to get pledges from your supporters.

  • Share your page with your supporters - and get them to commit to making a pledge on your launch day
  • Contact relevant websites and blogs and ask them to share you campaign
  • Write thank you messages to everyone who supports you
  • Write regular blog posts talking about your progress - to persuade them to support you
  • Write regular project updates talking about your progress - these are sent to your existing supporters so you want them to share your project
  • Aim to raise
    • 20% on the first day
    • 40% by the end of the first week
    • 60% by the end of the second week
    • 80% by the end of the third week
    • 100% (or more!) by the end of the final week
  • Host online community engagement events - live streamed on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch
  • Share your progress with the audience that you built on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Share your progress with your email list

Once it's over

Great, you raised the money you needed. Now it's time to deliver your project!

  • Thank everyone by email, and on your social networks
  • Your funds will be transferred to your bank account
  • Start working on delivering your project

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