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Funding Innovation


Since 1988, RDP has been dedicated to assisting companies, large and small, obtain funding for innovation.

During our 27 years of success we have helped companies obtain over £250M in Government Grants and R&D Tax Credits. Each year we assist over 600 companies in a broad range of industries obtain;

  • R&D tax credits
  • Video games tax credits
  • Regional Growth Grants/Funding
  • Innovate UK grants
  • EU Horizon Funding

Whether you need funding for R&D, Innovation, Hiring, Training, Export or Business Expansion, you need to ask RDP how government funding can fit into your strategy. Our average small/medium sized client receive over £40K each year. Our large clients receive over £350K each year.

Innovation Management

Whether it is lean start-up methodology, market data or agile innovation, we can provide outside intelligence on what has worked for others to arrive at what will work best for your company.

RDP has been a student of the innovation process for over 25 years. During this time, we have benchmarked tech companies and equated the costs of innovation spending against turnover and profit to arrive at a database of industry ROI’s. In guiding companies through their product and process development, we have gathered the processes and practices that have yielded the highest returns to companies.

We work with Fundsurfer to support their project creators across green, social and creative sectors.

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