The Eye Of The Storm


We believe that the current job and internship application process is out of date and not fit-for-purpose, so we have developed an alternative system. The best bit is that we tested it for 18 months and it works. This new system is what sits at the heart of The Eye of the Storm and sets it apart from any other schemes, communities and networks out there. It’s free to use and open to people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

It works for anyone who has redundant time, talents, materials or space and would like to put that stuff to use for social good, at the same time as improving their own employment prospects, building their confidence and improving their professional networks. As well as helping the unemployed, our system is also loved by those who have recently retired, those changing career paths, or those who are returning to work after having a career break. Equally, those in jobs they don’t find fulfilling might want to spend their extra time in The Eye of the Storm as a way of improving their skills and their networks with a view to switching career. Young people who are unsure of what degree they want to do have also found their way through The Eye of the Storm to gain an insight into an industries they’re considering prior to spending tens of thousands of pounds and hours on further education.

Our project members sign up because they are really busy doing awesome things. They lack the time they need to do the many tasks that fester on the end of their to-do lists… that’s the redundancy that they have. The projects are many and varied: from politics and music to environment and charity – anyone can demonstrate their abilities to potential employers directly. They post micro-bartering tasks for all of those things that fester, which allows our members to have a go at proving their capabilities. Everyone, regardless of their background is considered on what they actually deliver, without any kind of background appraisal. This is a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them and we guarantee you will feel overwhelmed with opportunity and hope.


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