Fundsurfer makes funding simple

Fundsurfer makes funding simple.

We offer a range of services including rewards and donation based crowdfunding, crowdfunded loans, start up loans and grants, matched funding opportunities, community share action support, mentor matching, CSR funding and other bolt on services including advertising, marketing, promotion and PR. 

Projects can also be offered support in the form of time and expertise.  Our experience has shown that many social enterprises have heard about crowd funding but aren’t sure how to create a campaign let alone a successful one. That’s why we also offer a consultancy service, helping to create, manage, promote and fund projects alongside our users.  

In a climate of reduced budgets, grant application fatigue and lack of in-house capacity, social enterprises find it useful to be able to harness the power of their support network and community to raise necessary funds. The rewards and donations crowd-funding model we use is particularly attractive as it allows rewards to pitched at a level appropriate to each project. It also offers a greater degree of flexibility that a more traditional crowd funding model.  For example even if a project only raises a percentage of its overall target the project retains the funds already donated.  This is because donations or investments are rewarded on an individual basis rather than on the performance of the overall investment.  The fact we charge zero fees to submit a project also helps make it a cost effective way to fundraise or explore proof of concept.

One of our most successful projects was run by a Bristol based social enterprise REwork which offers training to young people and those wishing to re-enter the world or work. The project recently raised over £1,000 in one day from donations made via the site. 

The Fundsurfer team also offers a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your project and help craft a funding strategy.