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Thursday 5th May 2015
The Bearpit Community Development Continues with The Launch of New Street Food Company Bearritos

Through four years of community action & local support the Bearpit in Bristol, an historically neglected and run down area has been evolving into a truly unique & exciting place, featuring independent trade & local markets, a growing calendar of events as well as an outdoor landscape for local artists, green community gardens & play facilities.

Having worked with the Bearpit improvement group for a number of years Robin Halpenny and Steve, co-founders have decided to take the plunge and launch a new Mexican street food business based on a vintage double decker bus in the Bearpit. They are currently raising £15,000 through reward based crowdfunding to get up and running offering a range of different rewards, which future customers can redeem as soon as the business is up and running. Rewards include meal deals for Tacos, burritos, tortas, salsas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, molletes and more.

The two co-founders aim to bring Bristol customers the freshest original Mexican street food the like of which they experienced while travelling in Mexico.

Robin said,

“We are leaving our jobs & committing our own money, time & lives to pursue this dream. We really appreciate any support the Bristol public can give us, whether it's sharing our campaign, helping us to get up and running or supporting us financially”

Editors Notes.

Simon lives in Bedminster His former live – Geography Teacher. Simon has been cooking Mexican food for about 20 years and has been a Mexican street food trader for over 2 years.
Robin lives in Bishopston. Former Life - Project Manager. He has been working with the community in the Bearpit for over 4 years, including setting up the Bearpit market and co-founding the fruit & veg business "Bear Fruit"

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