Sound of a City Fundsurfer PR 2015

Thursday 24th June 2015

Relevant Films Getting Ready to Shoot ‘Sound of a City’ a Documentary Film Exploring Bristol’s Vibrant Live Music Scene

'Sound of a City' is an in-depth documentary exploring the 'renaissance' of live music currently happening within the Bristol music scene. Long dominated by electronic music Bristol is now experiencing a wave of live musicians flocking to the city en masse, creating a world-class musical underworld. The scene is currently electric: full of life and at times out of control as musicians get together in darkened venues jamming together all night with a frenetic, frantic energy.

Having worked in the television industry together the three filmmakers are taking the summer off to put all their efforts into capturing this new scene on camera. They will explore how the various sounds rooted in Bristol's past have uniquely influenced the sound of today. Their hope is to make a film that will use this petri-dish of music as a way of exploring the ebbs and flows of music over time.

Quincy Andrews (director) said:

"There have been a lot of mini-films about the electronic music scene, and whilst I'm a massive fan of electronic music, it's become the norm now and I want to make a music film about something a bit different. Live music now exists more in the underground than electronic music and that's fascinating. I think people in Bristol have been experiencing this but perhaps, like us, don't know the full story behind it."

George Godwin (sound):

"Once we discussed crowdfunding the project with the Fundsurfer team we were sold. We are offering a lot of original music-related rewards in return for support but a key idea behind us launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund this project is that by pledging the public will also receive edited footage of the best performances and interviews just days after we film them. We thought that would be a nice way of everyone being able to discover the scene as we do and also to allow everyone to get involved. We have already raised over £1600 of our £2,000 goal which is amazing”

Editors Notes.
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Quincy Andrews: With a background in TV post-production, Quincy is also the co-founder of the Bristol-based independent production company Relevant Films. In recent years he has produced and directed many music videos and creative promos for independent start-ups and now seeks to dedicate his skills and time to documentary projects.

George Godwin: Since graduating in creative music technology at Surrey University he has been specialising in sound for TV. He is one half of Grapefruit Moon and when not working in TV he is working on freelance projects composing and doing sound design.

Sinead Cooper: Previously a film student at local Bristol university UWE Sinead now also works in TV. In her own time she specialises in freelance projects producing and editing.

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