Publisher Richard Scratter alongside Tangent Books look to build on the success of the recent launch of the republished cult pulp-fiction novel Catacombs of Terror.

Cult pulp-fiction novel Catacombs of Terror by Stanley Donwood, whilst released in limited edition, enjoyed praise and success during its original publication in 2002. However after tumultuous events it was believed the original manuscript was lost. Thankfully it was saved from destruction by Ambrose Blimfield, and now after thirteen years, independent publisher Richard Scratter and Tangent Books have launched a crowdfunding campaign with Fundsurfer in order to get both loyal fans and interested parties alike to bring back one of their favourite novels into wide ranging publication.

Richard Scratter, Publisher said
“The money raised from this appeal will pay for the cover illustration by Jacknife of Bristol, typesetting, the purchase of maps from Ambrose Blimfield for the purpose of illustrating the story and the printing of 2,000 books of 240 or so pages. This first edition will be limited to 2,000 copies. The total cost of all this is 5.5k.”

Tangent books have a history of publishing several acclaimed independent books from Bristol such as Banksy’s Bristol: Home Sweet Home and Children of the Can and are looking to use Bristol based crowdfunding platform Fundsurfer in order to provide an ethical and supportive alternative to funding this cult hit.
Catacombs of Terror has reached £885 of its £5,500, and with just under two weeks to go there is no better time to donate, which you can do so here.

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