Innovative and inclusive community project Lazyboys Basketball announce crowdfunding campaign with Fundsurfer to refurbish sports hall and enable a wider reach for this friendly and energetic community endeavour.

Lazyboys Basketball, an community sports team based in The Park Community Centre in Knowle, are looking to further build on their success in providing a friendly and inclusive environment to practice recreational sports with the announcement of their crowdfunding campaign through Fundsurfer. Lazyboys, alongside The Park – a registered charity - are looking to raise £7,000 in order to refurbish the Centre’s sports hall and provide both equipment and facilities in order to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to get fit, and enjoy doing so.
Speaking of this announcement,

Lazyboys said
“Lazyboys provides the only opportunity for people above 18 to play basketball in a fun and inclusive environment where improving health and achieving your goals is a genuine priority. We are proud to have taken the club from a hairbrain idea to a thriving social enterprise over the past 3 years completely independently. Sport England and Basketball England sadly allocate no cash to support clubs like ours, with the overwhelming majority of funding going to youth projects. We think that funders are missing a trick here, and desperately need your help in order to spread this message: inactivity is bad for your physical and mental health and costs the NHS money...prevention is better than cure!”

Lazyboys was founded as a partnership in 2012 and since then has grown to become a Community Interest Company (CIC), now working in partnership with Fundsurfer to raise funds for to improve the local sports facilities and encourage a positive and active lifestyle. The club promotes values of inclusiveness and fitness. There are a variety of reward options for donators, appealing to both the individual and prospective businesses who may wish to be affiliated with this incredibly successful enterprise, offering a variety of returns from high quality Lazyboys clothing to sponsorship deals with the club. There is no better time to make your mark on what is one of the most popular sports enterprises in Bristol!

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