Acclaimed Charity acta Community Theatre approach £2,000 Crowdfunding Goal for life-changing revitalisation of the centre.

Building on the success of their nearly 30-year run, acta are looking to fund £2,000 through Fundsurfer to help rejuvenate and expand the acta community centre in Bedminster, Bristol in order to allow for twice as many productions and a wider community outreach. Despite help from the Arts Council, acta still have a short way to go, and rely on the donations of charitably minded people to keep this vibrant and positive theatre company going.
acta, on this campaign said:

“At acta we don’t usually ask… but this time we really do need your help! Any donation would be incredible, but if not, sharing this with your friends, families, colleagues, pets or your postman is just as appreciated. In September acta will be celebrating its 30th birthday and we want to start this party with a bang… So let’s work together and help out the acta family reach their goal.”

Acta began in 1985 as a means to allow people of any background and experience to have a place to share their ideas and perform, with the overarching goal of promoting community cohesion and simply bringing people together in their love of the stage. They offer many reward options, including tickets and executive passes, and with only a few days to go, there is absolutely no better time to donate.

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