Professional Community Centre The Eye of the Storm Announce Crowdfunding Campaign for Imminent September Re-launch

Following a successful 18 month proof-of-concept pilot, professional community centre TEotS is looking to re-launch their service for September and has announced their open-ended crowdfunding campaign launch with Fundsurfer. They hope to raise up to £50,000 in order to provide the re-launch and keep their business model owned by the community of professionals that use the service, and out of the hands of third parties with private interests and hidden agendas.

Katrina Krishnan Doyle, Founder, said

“If we did raise £50,000 then we would be able to support the full team (ten people) and allow them to commit fully to our September vvgre-launch mission. The more financial support we receive the faster we will be able to roll this out across the UK with true integrity. We're committed to one centre in Bristol and one in Hackney. At the very least, we will empower those communities. This full target would also allow us to start coding the full online platform, which would allow us to scale globally.”

The Eye of the Storm is a straightforward community of business professionals that provide a simple and effective service for prospective individuals to both host and seek employment opportunities whilst omitting the traditional requirements of CVs and lengthy interview processes. All types of people can benefit from the service, with employers hosting redundant tasks through micro-bartering, allowing potential employees to openly display their skill and also providing the ability for existing professionals to connect with like-minded individuals, and enhance their skills. TEotS also opens up avenues for retired professionals to remain up-to-date with their industry, or even seek a new one to venture into.

If you wish to support this vibrant project, you can donate here.