Hawkspring Drug & Alcohol Support Services Announce Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise at Least £15,000 to Prevent imminent Closure of Centre

Based in Hartcliffe, Bristol, one of England’s most deprived areas, Hawkspring provides a holistic, whole-family support and rehabilitation program for people suffering from alcohol and substance misuse issues. Hawkspring is a charitable enterprise and relies on the donations of private parties and funding foundations & trusts, and is looking to raise a further £15,000 through Fundsurfer to continue their fantastic work providing care, support and education to the children and adults affected by drugs and or alcohol misuse.

Lorraine Bush, Manager, said
“Hawkspring will close unless we raise £50,000. This crowdfunding campaign is one part of an ongoing fundraising appeal but small donations mean a lot. We are working on a range of other funding options but NEED your help to get there.
• £100 provides support for a whole family affected by addiction
• £75 covers the cost of providing advice, support and information to a group of people
• £50 pays for an addiction treatment session for someone addicted to drugs
• £25 helps towards our drug and alcohol prevention scheme for children and young people
• £10 covers the cost of the helpline for one hour
Your donation will make a life-changing difference to children, adults, families and the community.”

Hawkspring has been in operation for the last 18 months and has already provided support to 47 whole families and 900 individuals in the 2014/15 period. The Hawkspring centre is a vital lifeline for Bristol, the closure of which will see the most vulnerable children and adults of our city put back at risk of emotional and physical trauma. Few projects warrant a moral obligation to donate, but this is one of them, which you can do so here.
Project URL - https://www.fundsurfer.com/project/save-hawkspring