You could be over £100 a week better off, without changing a thing.

February 2015


If your annual salary is £14,000, you currently take home £13,200 every year. (after paying 20% income tax)

With the tax free unconditional basic income you get £7,000 (after paying 50% income tax) + £11,375 (tax free unconditional basic income) taking home £18,375 every year.

So, with Unconditional Basic Income You're £5,175 a year better off

That's almost £100 a week!!!!!!!!

Crowdfunding project

Pay every UK citizen an unconditional basic income

I promise to "pay every UK citizen a tax free £11,375 every year. No strings attached". I will also "cut MP pay in half" and "abolish all MP expenses"

Funding unsuccessful