Rewards for Help restart the Firewok metal workshop

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£10 – Firewok Sticker

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A special new Firewok sticker. Designed by Artist George Baldwin.

£36 – Firewok bag

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Firewok bag to transport your Firewok without any mess

£85 – Pheonix Firewok

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Raw black steel Firewoks rescued from the White Factory, slightly water stained but clean and ready to go.

£80 – Cast Silver acorn pendant on leather thong

Designed and made by Jeweler, Nick Reading

£158 – Stainless Steel Firewok

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£120 – Creative metalwork. Workshop day with Kevin and Nick

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A day of learning basic metalworking skills including forgework, cold metalwork and welding at our new workshop.