Updates for The Future of Bristol Pound

Thank you!

Dear Supporter

A quick note to thank all 99 of you for supporting our crowdfunding campaign. We raised over £5,600. It's great to know that so many people love the Bristol Pound as much as we do! We'll be working out the best way to use the funds we raised in the new year. Our aim is to create the most impact we can from our work, tilting the economy to be greener, fairer and stronger.

Last Day Tomorrow! This is your last chance to get involved.

There is only 1 day left of The £B Crowdfunding campaign!

The Bristol Pound Crowdfunding campaign is coming to an end at midnight tomorrow, Friday 20th December. That leaves very little time to snatch up a great reward and help support the campaign.

This is your last chance to do your bit to make a big difference here in Bristol.

Take advantage of our great rewards on offer now. If you have already got involved, you can help us by spreading the word of the campaign over the coming 24 hours or so.

Crowdfunder extended!

Dear supporter

Just thought I should let you know that we've decided to extend our crowdfunder for one week, to 20th December 2019.  

I do hope this doesn't inconvenience you - it may make a difference to when your pledge is paid.

Many thanks for all your support.

Best wishes

Diana Finch, MD