Updates for Upfest 2020

Help us reath target - Upfest 2022

Hey everyone,

If you've not checked so far today, we're 95% of the way there to hitting our 2022 crowd-funding target, we know we've asked already but if you would be so kind to share via your social media one last time that would be amazing, one last push could see us get to target and have enough funds to keep Upfest as a free event for anyone and everyone to enjoy, plus there are loads of great rewards from artwork to t-shirts to mural paintings...

By supporting Upfest you'll also be supporting hundreds of artists who help keep this world a bright and colourful place.

Your Upfest crowd-funding pledge: Action Required.

Dear Upfest Supporters,

We’re exceedingly grateful to everyone that has supported our crowding so far indeed we can’t hold the festival without you.

It has been apparent for many weeks that it would be impossible to host a safe festival for our artists , visitors and volunteers at the end of May, we are working with Bristol City Council on rescheduling the festival which we hope to do at the end of the summer.