Updates for UPFEST 2022

Crowd funding rewards

Hi all,

Where does the time go, we hope everyone enjoyed Upfest and has had a great summer.

We still have a handful of rewards left to be collected so if you're one of them please come by the gallery or get in touch by emailing Emma@upfest.co.uk. Any rewards not collected by Christmas will be given to Santa.

Thanks once again for your support,


The Upfest Crew

Thank You Thank You Thank You


You may have guessed by the title, but we want to say a MASSIVE thank you for supporting our Upfest 2022 festival.

YOU have made a huge difference already to this years festival.

Whilst the main festival will take place on the 28th & 29th of May, street painting will take place between the 5th & 25th of May so we hope to see you on the streets throughout May.

We're getting so close... 8hrs to go

Hey everyone,

If you've not checked so far today, we're 90% of the way there to hitting our 2022 crowd-funding target, we know we've asked already but if you would be so kind to share via your social media one last time that would be amazing, one last push could see us get to target and have enough funds to keep Upfest as a free event for anyone and everyone to enjoy, plus there are loads of great rewards from artwork to t-shirts to mural paintings...

By supporting Upfest you'll also be supporting hundreds of artists who help keep this world a bright and colourful place.

£15k hit - £15k to go!

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for your pledge, we've just passed 50% of our target so feels like we've got to the top of the mountain and now all we need to do is get back down the other side in the next five days.

Yesterday we posted a great little video onto our socials showing our new book and hidden artwork (one of the rewards), if you're able to share our post that would be awesome!