Updates for Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks - Hike for Ukraine

Final Total Raised - 3 Peaks 4 Ukraine!

Dear Backers,

You have each helped to raise a grand total of £722 (£455 online and £267 in cash donations) for the camouflage helmet net project organised by the Settle Area Refugee Support Network in North Yorkshire.

This will facilitate the purchase of materials that will be used to make the helmet nets that will be sent to Ukraine for the soldiers defending their country on the Eastern Front.

You are all potential life savers and I am deeply grateful for your support.

Thank you once again,

Tony and Daniel Walker


3 Peaks 4 Ukraine!

Dear Backers,

Thank you a million times for supporting this project.

In this uncertain world, your donations will give practical and psychological help to young men and women fighting for the survival of Ukraine as a sovereign nation.

So, far we have raised £455 through fundsurfer.

Some pledges are still in the pipeline.

Recent events at the hospital  in Kyiv demonstrate that Ukraine must defend itself against Russian aggression.

I hope that our camouflage helmet nets will provide some help on the front lines?