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£1 – The Big Pound Pledge

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We will never forget your support. Even a small £1 pledge shows you care and want Hawkspring to continue. You then join our core group of crowdfunding supporters receiving updates as project unfolds. You can keep sharing the project and being part of saving Hawkspring. Thank you.

£10 – The big thank you

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We will shout THANK YOU very loud in the office.

£25 – The Hawkspring T-shirt

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A way to show your support for a great cause.

£50 – Hawkspring Supporter Pack

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Big thank you and two t-shirts.

£100 – Local Business Supporter

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We will add your details to our local business supporter section on the website and social media.

£500 – I love Hawkspring supporter.

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We love you! Thanks for your support.

£1,000 – Corporate Supporter

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