Rewards for East Kent people to people solidarity - Calais

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£5 – Food Package

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A basic food package with things such as UHT, passata, rice, tinned vegetables, juice, fruit and more to give food and meal to the many who need it

£10 – Tarpaulin

This is for 1 sheet of heavy duty tarpaulin that is suited for extreme weather and durable for all conditions

£15 – Solar power, hand crank lantern

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A lantern for use at night that can be power either by a hand crank, solar power or AA batteries and even mains adapter charger so no matter what is available there is always a way to power the light

£20 – Water resistant hooded sleeping bag

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A warm autumn or winter designed sleeping back that is also water resistant

£50 – Supplies

A mixture of supplies for food and toiletries

£100 – Warmth Supplies

This will go towards sleeping bags, floor mats, hats, scarves, gloves

£250 – Complete Supplies

This will go towards food, toiletries, outdoor hard wearing shoes, gloves, hats, scarves, waterproofs