Updates for The 150th Anniversary of Swindon's traditional Children's Fete

The Children's Fete - See you on Saturday!

Good Afternoon!

We would like to thank all of our kind supporters who donated to our campaign and shared the information for more to see!

We managed to raise just over £1000, which is fantastic. Although we did not hit our initial £3000 target, with extra sponsorship efforts the amount raised was enough for us to secure the traditional carousel to sit alongside the helter skelter at the event!


Hi everyone,

We have some great news to share... We've now managed to raise enough money through sponsorship to cover the hire of the Helter Skelter!

So all we are raising for now is the cost of the Steam-powered Carousel (£2,900 for the day).

If you want to have a go on this wonderful ride at this year's event, please donate and we will reward you with tickets on the day.

The more you donate the more tickets you will be rewarded for your donation!

So much thanks to everyone who has donated so far!