Independent Bristol-based 7-piece Jazz/Blues Band Victoria Klewin & The Truetones Crowdfunding Campaign to Release Debut Album hit’s nearly 50% In first week!

Wednesday 4th November 2015


After 6 years of playing gigs and touring across the UK, an EP release and several singles, Victoria Klewin & The Truetones are looking to release their debut album both worldwide digitally and also on a limited CD release. They have already raised 46% of their £4,000 funding target and are looking to gather even more grassroots support to enable this truly original and powerful music ensemble to be available to an ever-increasing amount of fans.

Victoria Klewin, Lead Vocalist and songwriter, says
“We are currently 100% independent, meaning we have no support from a label, management or booking agency. We do all this ourselves. While this happily means we retain creative control and are able to connect on a personal level with our fans and supporters, it also means we sometimes need some grassroots action to help make big things happen!”

Victoria Klewin & The Truetones are a 7-piece music ensemble that formed together in Bristol 6 years ago. Their music provides an original take on traditional Soul, Blues and Jazz and infuses it with a fresh modern take; with powerful female vocals and a big-band accompaniment providing a fresh mixture of the familiar, the traditional, and an accessible contemporary edge.

Their crowdfunding campaign is set to be a fantastic success, building on an already engaged and active fan base, yet they are always eager for new lovers of music to take part. They offer a wide-ranging variety of rewards, from signed copies of the album all the way to featuring in an upcoming music video and VIP tickets for the grand release. Authentic and original big-band music is a rarity in the age of the auto-tune, so combine your retro love with the convenience of the modern world and support this fresh new project on Fundsurfer right here!

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