Victoria Klewin & The TrueTones debut album


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We are an independent 7-piece band inspired by soul, blues & jazz and we're asking for your help to bring our debut album to life!

If feelgood soul, stompin' blues, cool jazz, powerhouse female vocals and original songwriting are your bag then read on...

We have been working hard together as a band for 6 years now playing gigs and festivals up and down the country. We have self-released an EP and a handful of singles, but we now have more than enough original material for a full album. We hope this album will help us to break through to a wider audience and to play bigger and better shows for our current fans. We are currently 100% independent, meaning we have no support from a label, management or booking agency. We do all this ourselves. While this happily means we retain creative control and are able to connect on a personal level with our fans and supporters, it also means we sometimes need some grassroots action to help make big things happen!


£4000 is our target and this will contribute to - 

  • Recording costs (time in the studio, paying an engineer/producer, mixing/mastering the album).
  • Designing, pressing and printing hard copies of the finished album.
  • Launching the album, PR, single releases etc... 

As explained in the video above, we could do this cheaper but we're going for quality here and don't see the point in cutting corners as we really believe in this album. We have already invested our own money and will continue to do so, so we're not asking you to do cough up all the dough. We have so far finished recording, mixing and mastering two of the album tracks and shot a music video for a single release in December.


We're not asking for something for nothing! Every pledge gets a reward of some kind, from simply pre-ordering your copy of the album to VIP launch tickets or booking the full band to play at an event of your choice. Whatever your budget and level of interest, we hope we have something for you. Some rewards even give you the chance to be involved in the album whether that means appearing in a music video, or having your name printed in the liner notes (EVERY backer who spends £10 or more will have their name in the liner notes!). We promise to keep in touch with you throughout the recording and release process with exclusive content (pictures, videos, teasers etc) that will only be available to our backers...and you will also get an advanced release, so you will hear the album first.

We are so excited about the material and can't wait to get stuck's going to be a lot of hard work and fun. We're delighted to have as many of you along for the ride as possible!

If we've ever entertained you at a gig, festival or party...

If one of our songs has ever made you smile or moved you...

If you'd like to support great music that is independent and original...

Please do pledge now, and help us spread the word by sharing (use the hashtag #vktt if you're social-media savvy!)...


VK&TT xxx



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This project ended on 25 November 2015

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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Get these rewards

£2 – 2 x single downloads

1 person wants this

We will be releasing 2 SINGLES from the album prior to release. One in December and another in early 2016. This reward will get you a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of both.

£5 – Digital download of our album

5 people want this

You will receive a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of OUR BRAND NEW album, ahead of the public release date.

£10 – Signed copy of our album

26 people want this

You will receive a SIGNED COPY of our album (CD) + a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, ahead of the public release date.


13 people want this

Get this reward

Get yourself or someone else a brand new Victoria Klewin + The TrueTones T-SHIRT! (design pictured, please let us know what size you would like)

You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ahead of the public release date.


3 people want this

Get this reward

Want to sing/play our music yourself? Into music MEMORABILIA? You will receive a HANDMADE BOOKLET OF CHORDS/LYRICS for some of our original songs. Where possible we will include copies of the original notes/scribblings by Victoria! If you have any favourite songs you would particularly like then please let us know.

You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT

£35 – 'VOGUE'

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Get this reward

If you love the limelight, choose this reward and you can have your lovely mug immortalised in a MUSIC VIDEO. We are not sure how....we are not sure what....but we promise if you choose this reward, you will have a decent part to play! It also means you get to have fun with us BEHIND THE SCENES on the shoot. You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT

£45 – 'SONGBIRD'

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Have a 1hr LESSON with Victoria (who is an experienced vocal coach) to learn all about how your voice works and how to improve your singing. You could also get some advice on songwriting or performance skills. Book in to have your session in Bristol, or over Skype. You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT


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Get this reward

You will get a FRAMED A3 PRINT of your choice, signed by the whole band if you like! We will give you a load of images to choose from including old posters, photos, album artwork, logos etc... You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT

£80 – 'YOU SEND ME'

Get this reward

Got a special message for someone, or just want to brighten their day with an awesome suprise? Send them a PERSONALISED VIDEO SONGAGRAM! Choose this reward and Victoria will deliver your chosen song and/or message online - live on Skype, uploaded on youtube, or privately in an email. You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT


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Get this reward

2 x VIP TICKETS to 2 forthcoming single release events + the album launch. Complimentary drinks (and food depending on venue) included. We will reserve you a place to sit/stand so you can be sure of a great view all night! You can also REQUEST A SONG and we will play it on one of the nights...give us 3 options and we will pick one! You will also get our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

£200 – 'DEED I DO'

Get this reward

THE ULTIMATE IN ROMANTIC PROPOSALS! You choose the time and place, and a song that is special to you both and Victoria will serenade you as you ask the big question. Get creative and give her/him the suprise of their life...and a ring! ;)



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Get this reward

Fancy a cosy living room gig for you and your nearest and dearest? ACOUSTIC MUSIC for a wedding, party or other event? We will come and play unplugged for you as a duo, trio or quartet (space dependent!). Dates must be mututally convenient and we may need some help with petrol if you are far away! You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT


1 person wants this

Get this reward

If you are planning an event (wedding, birthday, office party, etc) and need some fantastic live entertainment, then this reward is for you. The FULL 7-PIECE BAND will come and play for your event and keep the dance floor going all night! (Fuel expenses may apply depending on location, please ask us before you buy) You will also receive our ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + T-SHIRT

£2,000 – 'BIG SPENDER'

Get this reward

Oh my, what a hero! For this princely sum, you get a bumper package of most of the other rewards, plus some extra: OUR ALBUM (signed CD) + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of album, 2 x T-SHIRTS, FRAMED A3 PRINT, BOOKLET OF LYRICS/CHORDS, SONGAGRAM, 2 x VIP TICKETS. Since you love the band so much, come & spend some time in the studio while we record too! Let us know if there is anything else you would like...

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