Lock cutting

October 2016


As the end of the campaign is less than 10 days away, I want to say a huge thank you for your support. It's been featured in Bristol247 (twice), the Bristol Post and upvoted lots on Reddit.

The vast majority of comments have been in favour of chopping the locks off. In addition, I see the Love the Locks campaign still only has one solitary donor, so I think opinion is pretty clear.

However, please spread the word and help to get more donors on board. To be able to cut the 200+ locks off, we need several sets of boltcutters, plus a serious rebar cutter for the larger locks. Let's get to £250!

I believe that, if we do raise enough and cut the locks off, the news stories that result will make it clear to potential lockers that Pero's bridge is quite horny enough without their padlocks on it.

All the best,


Crowdfunding project

Lose the Locks: cut the Padlocks off Pero's Bridge

Buy boltcutters to remove the unsightly and damaging "love lock" padlocks on Pero’s bridge. Click READ MORE below…

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