Funding Ukrainian Emergency Aid & Supplies

Ukraine 2024 funding appeal

Presidium Network and Presidium Ukraine (Our Ukraine registered Charity) are fundraising to help Ukraine. 

We are working with communities and hospitals across Ukraine. 

We have a network of local and international volunteers, trucks and storage space in Poland, Romania and Ukraine. We need help raising funds for urgent supplies

About JHOC

The Joint Humanitarian Operations Centre (JHOC) is a micro collation of experienced organisation with expert individuals that have the ability to carry out full logistical support for Humanitarian Aid including food and medical supplies as well as evacuation support in crisis zones. We also have the capacity and experience to deliver “final mile” support to INGOs and Local NGOs in crisis zones.

JHOC has trusted local teams and partner organisations in country, so we don’t spend huge amounts of capital deploying people from other countries making sure our funding goes directly to the aid and logistics as well as get to the areas that truly need it.

Our model is to use local partners and local infrastructure to create a dynamic hub and spoke model that is managed by a team at the JHOC operations centre. We join up existing local infrastructure, organisations and individuals all supported by our international coalition team.

JHOC is made up of Presidium Network (UK Non-Profit), Smart SBC (Swedish Organisation), Osprey Global Solutions (US Organisation) and Shoulder 2 Shoulder (US Non-Profit). 

Jointly we have over 100 years of humanitarian and security logistics expertise. We have been operational in Afghanistan since August 2021 supporting over 25,000 people and now are supporting Ukraine in its humanitarian struggle. 

Presidium Network CIC - 


About The Project

JHOC have set up a team inside Ukraine with a network of volunteers being managed by a proportion of JHOC's International operations team allowing us to operate in Ukraine as well as in Afghanistan. We have an established network of operational trucks (already transporting people and resources around the country already).We also supporting other organisation operating in the region with supplies and transportation. 

Once our funding increases, we will deploy at least two of our team into Ukraine to manage the base and coordinate inside Ukraine. Currently we being supported by our trusted professional Ukraine volunteers to help us set up our operations since the start if the war.

Our Support: 

JHOC Support to Ukraine and the Region

  • Humanitarian Aid logistics network including in country storage and distribution 

    • Food

    • Water

    • Medicine

  • Evacuation Support including transportation

  • Emergency Infrastructure technology

    • Water system

    • 2 members of the team to be positioned in Ukraine and Poland

  • Volunteer Network in Ukraine and Poland

Our Objective 

We deliver aid and support existing network and supply chains in Ukraine.

The Experienced team

Management Team. 

- Dominik Byrne - Operations Director Presidium Network

- Scott Richards - Political Director Presidium Network

- Ian Spurgeon - CEO & Board Member Smart SBC Group

Naeem Siddiqi  - Chief Financial Officer & Board Member of Smart SBC Group

- David L. Grange - President Osprey Global Solutions

- Abe Walston – Chief Medical Officer Osprey Global Solution.

- Dominic "Rondo" Rondinelli – S2S Project, Founder and CEO

- Reginald Mackey – S2S Director

We also supported by Oliver Mochizuki CEO of Fundsurfer and Director of Presidium Network helping us with management of Donations 

Please donate today to our campaign to help support Ukrainians with direct aid and supplies.

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We don't only need financial donations for support with our logistical work but also need donations of: - Food Supplies -Medical Supplies - Blankets - Volunteers Please contact us directly if you can help

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pledged of £40,000 goal (GBP)

84% pledged

47 backers

This is an open ended project. There is no time limit and payments are taken straight away.

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£10 – Buy a Blanket For refugees and displaced people in Ukraine

3 people want this

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100,000s of refugees are in temporary refugee camps in Poland as well as millions more displaced in Ukraine. They need warmth please help us supply blankets

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£10 minimum.

£25 – Food Parcel for Ukrainian Family

2 people want this

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This will give a family a food parcel for a day to have three meals and water both in Ukraine and in Poland.

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£25 minimum.

£50 – Medical supply box

1 person wants this

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A family Box of personal medical supplies and hygiene supples.

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£50 minimum.

£100 – 5 volunteers to be active per day in Ukraine

2 people want this

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Our volunteers on the ground in Ukraine are coordinating the distribution of supplies on our behalf and risking their lives to support those in need who are stuck int he country

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£100 minimum.

£200 – Family Weekly Food Box

1 person wants this

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Our weekly family food parcel that can be delivered to families that are staying in single locations. As some families outside cities are staying or cant get out of the country so this gives them comfort they can eat.

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£200 minimum.

£500 – To run a truck from Poland to Ukraine with Supplies

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The lorries will take vital humanitarian supplies from Poland to Ukraine to our distillation centres in West and Central Ukraine

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£500 minimum.

£1,000 – 1 specialist international volunteers to be sent and spend a week in Ukraine to help with specialist aid distribution

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To help manage the warehouses and lorries on the ground a specialist logistics volunteer on our team can make it more efficient and safer for our volunteers on the ground to work and help 1000s of people.

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£1,000 minimum.

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