Premises secured!

November 2016


Dear Supporters,

Finally long-awaited news!

I am thrilled to share with you all that I just got the keys to the property! :)

Cafe will be located in the heart of Bristol City Centre, just by Hippodrome at 22 Denmark Street, BS1 5DQ.

It has been a long journey to secure this place, but now looking back it was truly worth waiting (I have viewed 22 properties and this was absolutely the winner). 

So what next? 

From tomorrow onwards I will be doing the refurbishment work, and you can follow our progress on our Facebook page. In terms of the Opening Date, it needed to be moved for one month due unexpected delays and we will be opening end of January.

The booking system will be ready 2-3 weeks before an Opening Day, more details to follow.

Lastly, I would like thank to all of you for your patience and support. It has been full 8 months to secure the premises, it was very time consuming process, but with the persistence we are finally here and the doors to the cafe will open very soon.

Thank you once again.

Best wishes


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